April 23, 2007

Prolost color commentary

Stu Maschwitz updates his preview of Magic Bullet Looks, and adds a meaty screed (with interesting links) on Apple's new competitor, Color, from their purchase of Silicon Color.

Update: from the lively comments on Stu's take on Color, Peter Jackson's QT production diary entry on the grading phase of King Kong.

Update II: While still digesting all the great comments on this article, I found that that Mike "Lucifer Jones" writes about Apple's confused corporate direction and Stu's article on Color on his DMN blog. Mike quotes Stu on his relationship with Apple and its product, but to be real, does Stu still use a Mac and Final Cut? It's hard to imagine that The Orphange uses Premiere! Not that Steve Jobs isn't odd (or was around Infinite Loop), but perhaps things are a bit complicated by the fact that Stu makes competing software and that The Orphanage made a big deal over it's switch to free Windows boxes when Apple was still unsteady. God knows.


Stu said...

Those Windows boxes weren't free my friend. I took out that ad with Adobe and Intel to get Apple's attention. Three years later I'm typing this on an Intel Mac and loving it. The world works in mysterious ways!

Rich said...

I didn't remember it being an ad, but articles in which some things you (as the hired gun) was quoted saying were given an extra spin that Apple might not soon forget when dealing with a developer making a competing product and supporting another competing product (AE).

But I see how Apple is very secretive, for example with closed beta programs unlike Adobe. Plus they have a long history of borrowing from or burning their own 3rd party developers.

Back to the ad, I thought it was an astroturf (not grassroots) thing from Intel and Dell, but...umm, interesting.