April 19, 2007

new Apple codec: ProRes 422

Apple has posted a white paper about the new codec ProRes 422, there's lively discussion at AppleInsider., and Studio Daily has video of the Apple floor demo.

Avid2FCP has a take in it's FCP6 note: "Clearly aimed at taking on Avid’s DNxHD codec, ProRes 422 is a visually lossless, VBR, 4:2:2, i-frame only codec. It comes in two varieties:
  • ProRes 422 - 8 or 10 bit (automatic depending on the source) at 145mbs
  • ProRes 422 (HQ) - 10 bit at 220mbs
  • Unlike DNxHD, ProRes can also be used for SD."

Here's an interesting tidbit from FinalCutPro-L: "Just got off the phone with a buddy who can finally talk - he was under NDA and did some testing with FCP 6 & ProRes.

Mostly he tested the SD frame size. He sees no reason why it can't replace 8 bit Uncompressed and possibly 10 bit Uncompressed as a finishing codec. The highest res SD setting was running about 4.5 MB/sec. On the scopes it was rock solid indistinguishable from Uncompressed. To his eye he didn't see any of the artifacting [as seen by AlphaDogs] for the HD codec. Sounds like PhotoJPEG come back to life.

RE mixed format timeline: DV and 8bit mixed... fully RT. He never tried an ETT, though - can't say if it required rendering but he did say it wasn't the bright green bar but the dim green RT bar. Overall he was impressed that the product was so stable when it got to him. He found a few bugs, all were addressed."

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