April 2, 2007

Digital Anarchy's TOON IT

from Ko Maruyama's new blog, Ninja Crayon:
"Digital Anarchy's TOON IT [new filter package]...is a very, very good reason to check out Digital Anarchy at NAB (or at Photoshop World for that matter). Jim Tierney has a couple of tricks up his sleeve: One for Photoshop users and another for After Effects users."

Update: a person in comments finds this filter too slow for real world work and couldn't get a refund even a day after. Hopefully buyers will try the demos before a purchase, and vendors will realize that piracy is very easy. This blog mostly just passes along news so sorry I didn't comment that you can do this sort of thing by hand with multiple layers of posterize filters, blurs, color correction, and mattes. The setup would be much harder than a filter but once you have a formula you like...

1 comment:

Comatose said...

In this day and age it's hard to believe a program could be that slow. I made a huge mistake by listening to all the hype. I'm now out $300 and I have a piece of useless software. I'm not saying it couldn't be useful but I don't have a couple of days to render a 10 minute clip. Think I'm exaggerating? Try it. There is no return policy at all. I spoke with customer service and they were not willing to give me credit the day after I bought it. It's a good concept but trust me, it is so slow you'll lose interest in any creative idea you may have had.