April 15, 2007

Adobe Labs previews AE & Premiere CS3

Prerelease previews and forums of AE and Premiere Pro CS3 are now available for Mac and Windows on the Adobe Labs site. An AE Help doc draft is available too.

It seems like these previews might help blunt the buzz of Apple's announcements, but with Motion 3 and the reborn Shake next year Apple is poised to take away Adobe's only loveable advantage in the video suite competition. Motion 3 might not do the job but core aspects of AE like scaling are still primitive and rotoscoping features haven't improved much 10 years after Commotion was released. It's curious that roto is left to 3rd parties while mythical man-month investments are made down a long road to bring video to Photoshop.

Near the end of the Creative Cow interview with Giles Baker, the Cow dubbed Premiere the most popular video editor. I'm not sure what's behind that spin because Final Cut has far more books, videos, and user groups! The only Premiere user group I heard of was announced at NAB 2005, but after signing up for the newsletter I never heard that there were actual meeting and now the PPROUG website is just a blank grey. I use Premiere Pro because I like the Adobe suite overall, but zealotry is counterproductive since Premiere is not now in the same league as Final Cut and Avid. Walter Murch, David Fincher, and the Coen Brothers aren't using Premiere!

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