February 9, 2011

Free particle experiments from Mattrunks +Chilltorial

Mattias Peresini aka Mattrunks has some new and older Trapcode Particular project files on his blog and on Red Giant People. Mattias' motion design website, Mattrunks, is in French and automatically translated if you surf with Google Chrome.

His free After Effects video tutorials are intriguing but aren't available in English yet. That may change when an inexpensive membership system comes online allowing complete downloads. It'll be interesting to see what the worldwide AE community really looks like as Mattrunks and other non-English After Effects websites are translated. Hopefully the Adobe TV Community Translation project will find volunteers for its supplements.

Here's the render of Mattrunks' Cell Shading Experiment using options in Particular 2 (What: no RTs?!). The project file for this and other recent experiments are available, as are several more from two slightly older sets (1, 2).

Cell Shading Experiment with Particular from Mattias Peresini on Vimeo.

UpdateChilltorial shows how to create something similar in Shading Particles with Particular -- in Thai!

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