February 1, 2011

48 free Mac plug-ins + Cover Flow + Barcode

CoreMelt is offering 33 free plug-ins collected from CoreMelt products (leaving 180 for purchase). CoreMelt FREE! plug-ins run in After Effects, FCP, and Motion on the Mac (only), but no longer require FxFactory. [update: Yanobox is now offering another free FxFactory filter, Barcode. Idustrial Revolution has more in Freebie Pack 1 and elsewhere.]

FxFactory also offers free Mac-only plug-ins with the trial install (about 14 with tutorials on their website), including CoverFlux (like iTunes CoverFlow) and Manifesto (a title crawl generator).

By the way, if you're on Windows an easy way to do the Cover Flow effect is with an After Effect project by Paul Tuersley. You just have to animate some sliders. See also a free project from Alex "dinners" and a tutorial by Mattrunks, Effet Coverflow 3D automatique sur After Effects, which includes the project in English.

Below is a list of the CoreMelt plug-ins and tutorial movies for some of them.

  • Multipop Forward, Filmstrip, Carousel, Continuous Random Pan, Image Grid
  • Advanced Vignette, RGB Levels and Curves
  • Dewrinkler, Old TV
  • Blowout, Godrays
  • 3D Shatter, Analog Glitch
  • Soft Edge Wipe, Blend Mode Dissolve, Curl Apart, Exposure Flash
  • Projector Malfunction, Random Crop, Video screens 2way
  • 8 Band EQ, 16 Band EQ, 127 Band EQ, EQ Line Segments, EQ Simple 3D, EQ Pixelstix 3D, EQ Tower Cities, VU Analog, VU Digital, VU Rolling Gauge, VU Audio Radar, WV Oscilloscope, WV Voiceprint, WV Waveforms 3D

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