February 14, 2011

Extreme slo-mo with Tom Guilmette

After seeing comments today about the 99 fps limit in After Effects, it was fun to see a No Film School post on Tom Guilmette's experience with the Vision Research Phantom Flex camera. He used the camera to shoot a Ping Pong tourney 2,564 frames per second, and put together this movie while Locked in a Las Vegas Hotel Room:

Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex from Tom Guilmette on Vimeo.

I was working a gig in Vegas with a brand new Phantom Flex high speed digital cinema camera. I had to try it out. In fact, I never did go to bed that night. I opened up a wormhole shooting at 2,564 frames per second.

Please visit my website for Phantom Flex 1080p ProRes file downloads: http://www.tomguilmette.com/archives/1986

Note: see a few other examples of Guilmette's shares in Shooting broadcast sports + HDV camera review and his look at the poor man's Phantom, the Casio EX FC150 point & shoot doing 120fps 480p.


Patrick DePuydt said...

Haha this is awesome! Did you use a plugin for the time remapping?

Rich said...

He may have used Final Cut, but you'd have to ask Tom: