August 22, 2007

Proxy render before opening busted legacy project

Here's a nice workaround from Chris & Trish Meyer, paraphrased from a thread on the After Effects List...

As AE versions, filter version, and OS and platform changes come down the pike you may find that you have filters that don't work in your current version of AE, so opening a legacy project in the current version can lose your work. This could happen even when nothing changes except the official version of AE because there's been subtle and not so subtle changes, this time in the shipping version of Keylight.

If you're using plug-ins that don't work in your main version of AE, in the original setup you can put the problem layers into precomps and render them as comp proxies. Chris continues: "Then you can open the project in CS3 and, AE will use the proxy footage, not the plug-in... "

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