August 7, 2007

Ink as medium and form for animation

Motionographer, the motion graphics inspiration site, has several newish items with background info. I like the ink/blood text thingie.

Update: the director adds, ..."there’s nothing really magical about the making of at all. we shot it all on HD DV in a very small fish tank on an old light box - so there nothing spectacular about the lighting, too. after that, we uses that footage as 3D-layers in AE. some 2D-tracking is done to conect some of the blood-branches - thats all. mainly we used just 2-3 tweaked takes to generate the more comlex, in fact it was some kind student-style piece of work.

...the text transitions are 90% in camera! we took foils to print on with an ink jet printer. than we used dishwashing liquid to blow the text away… some timeremapping effects…thats all."

Video Co-Pilot has similar stock footage (paint, ink, grunge) of with training called Riot Gear.

Update: see also Tutorial – Create Ink Based Effects in After Effects:

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