August 25, 2007

Bridge still needs Captain

An Adobe blog, The Genesis Project, showed a bit of Bridge Home recently, but I didn't quite get it since, as a curmudgeon, I don't use Bridge except by accident. To get to Bridge Home, you have open the Favorites tab on the upper left of the app window. Clicking on the icon takes you into the Adobe world of event news, tutorials, and download links.

Clicking on the purplish AE icon takes you to AE-related offerings. This is interesting in a Web 2.0 way, but content still has to be accessed through your web browser. Since I can get to the Adobe website on my own, I'm still hoping that Bridge ends up more like a product for content management (like Microsoft Expression Media) than a sales tool.

Terry White's Creative Suite Podcast covered Bridge Home last month in Take advantage of Bridge Home in Bridge CS3.

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