August 17, 2007

The panopticon of social-networking TV

greenchair.gifAs EBN mused, "Participate in your own manipulation!"

Watching TV Online posts about the electronic panopticon of "Social-networking TV":

"According to New Scientist, Microsoft is working on a version of its instant messaging system that is designed to connect to your TV, DVD player or media player and keep track of everything you've watched - to make TV viewing a less lonely viewing experience.

"The messaging system allows online buddies to see what the others have been watching. So groups of friends can synchronise their viewing habits and chat about what they've seen.

New Scientist thinks it's a powerful idea as Marketing experts have long recognised that personal recommendations from like-minded peers are far more influential than adverts or other forms of publicity."

Microsoft is not the first to believe in social TV, both Joost enables viewers to chat live with others watching the same channels and the service also works with Gmail. and Jabber instant-messaging accounts. And Babelgum will enable viewers to discuss, discover and recommend their favorite programs through a social network."

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