October 13, 2009

SqueezeMe.tv feeds mograph news

Uh oh... looks like uni (it's really orange, but even then AEP is more unagi hand roll).

There's now a mograph counterpart for CrispyFeeds (but not the Forums). Justin McClure has launched a new motion graphics news resource website called SqueezeMe.tv:

"A one-stop jumping point for the current motion graphics happenings around the web, Squeezeme.tv pulls the most up to date information from all the most important places on the web related to motion graphics. It's also a great resource for eye candy with many links directly to wonderfully designed and animated videos on youTube, Vimeo and many others. So if you're a motion graphics person or just looking for some great inspiration, stop on by."

Update: Similar sites like Techmeme are still edited by humans...

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