July 11, 2008

Roto [+apps] on iPhone

In news from Matt Silverman, Scott Squires of ILM and Commotion fame (see his Effects Corner blog) is not back with a roto tool for the iPhone, but his Squiggles paint app might be fun for some or useful in a squeeze.

Update: see the comments from Scott (click on title link). Plus The Edit Blog has some ideas for iPhone apps, and both Self Reliant Film and John Nack have lists of ones that might be useful now.

Update 2: FreshDV notes a comment from The Edit Blog post in Controlling Your NLE with Your iPhone: " Here’s a neat hat-trick you can perform with your iPhone, 3G model not required. Using remote control software VNSea or TouchPad, you can perform basic key-driven editing operations on the Final Cut Pro timeline from across the room." more...


Scott Squires said...

Just as a note there's quite a bit more planned for this app. This is the 1.0 release to get into the appstore. Let me know if you have specific requests. Obviously the iPhone requires scaling down of features and a real UI challenge.

Enio Tavares said...

Dear Scott,

I've read this in John Nack's Blog (http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2008/07/iphone_photo_ap.html):
"Scott Squires has a new app called Squiggles for paint and notes, and he’s open to suggestions:"
If it is so, I would like to suggest an app that would allow photogs to upload images direct from their DSLR (professional digital cameras), wirelessly or not, to their iPhones. Then, the app would allow the photos to be uploaded to a website to be edited and then distributed to clients.
Idruna and Eye-Fi are my main suggestions to begin with.
If you come along with an app compatible with iPhone and Nikon bundle, I would be pleased to be the first to buy from you.
If you think we could do this with a portuguese version, I could even sell and distribute it for you hear in Brazil.
Best regards,
Enio tavares.

Rich said...

I didn't make this clear earlier, but Scott can be reached directly at his blog, Effects Corner:

Scott Squires said...

Just to let people know version 1.1 is out now. Still no roto but you can smooth paint, use cursor for precise placement of paint, full spectrum color selection, overlay layers (provided overlay images, may open this up in the future for user layers), text layers, color stamp brushes, eraser, cloning, realtime adjustments, distortions, etc.

new video and images:

I may consider a more pro-photo app in the future.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Will you please make a script supervising application for the iphone, one that could help with continuity. I have a few ideas for how it should look, but I'm certain if you think about it for a few minutes the same ideas will come rushing to you.
I think the iphone could be a great little pocket tool to help with continuity. Hopefully some day. I wish I knew how to code and design apps.

Rich said...

Scott can be reached directly at his websites:

Scott Squires said...

Anyone with specific ideas for iPhone apps for Film/TV can contact me at:


My time is becoming very limited so I can't promise anything, especially since I have a few ideas for my own tools.

For those familiar with pCam for the Palm it may soon be available. (I just provided some encouragement and a little guidance)