July 29, 2008

The Plug-In Post: newsletter on filters is out

The Plug-In Post from Studio Monthly is out with news that Red Giant Software has made an acquisition and has "some news about Digital Anarchy Psunami and Toon It!, as well as PlasmaFX, Color Theory and Microcosm Codec. Those last three (coming later this fall) will be available for free."

The Plug-In Post seems to be recollected news from Studio Daily with additional interviews and late breaking news. The newsletter as such doesn't seem to be at Studio Daily, so you have to subscribe; click here on August 4 to get details on the Red Giant news.

Update: Separately, Video Copilot hinted that a new plug-in called “QuickMatte” will be free, along with a new tutorial set coming soon. See Free Plug-in Development for more.

Update 2: Digital Anarchy Sells Video Plugins (letter from Jim)

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