July 7, 2008

AE smoke filter(s) in alpha

"a friend who is working on a Smoke and Fire plugin. This will not be the usual fake stuff. So maybe you are intersted in giving him some good feedback to help him turn this into a great plugin."

Apparently the filter is Windows-only and requires NVIDIA CUDA-enabled graphics for now, which will exclude some good feedback. The developer, Jaswet.com, has set up a small forum and two example renders: IncenseTest.wmv and IncenseTest2.wmv.

Update: On the AE-List, Ko Maruyama mentioned that DigitalAnarchy was re-developing similar fluid-dynamics tools from SpeedSix (shown at NAB).

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Jascha Wetzel said...

Incense Alpha 2 has been released.
It does not require nVidia cards anymore.
You can get it at the forum

Here is another simple example:

SpeedSix is a 2D simulation, Incense is 3D.