June 16, 2008

SFMograph Wednesday

SFMograph is having its 2nd meeting Wednesday, June 18 at Adobe in San Francisco. Guests include:

Brian Diecks, a 16-year veteran of marketing + creative in entertainment visuals.

Patrick Siemer, former directing animator at the H-Gun Labs, and long time Pixar AE Animator, walks us through his After Effects process in the creation of the Pixar short Your Friend the Rat.

RevisionFX with plug-ins of the month... Smooth Kit, PV Feather, Shade/Shape, Twixtor, Denoise. For 20% off all RE:Vision Effects items through Wednesday June 25, 2008, use coupon code SFMOGRAPH3948 when ordering from the RE:Vision Effects webstore.

Notes from a gearhead documented the 1st meeting (pictured is AE 1.1, running on Mac OS 9, when there was no timeline with multiple layers).

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