June 23, 2008

QuicktimeGammaStripper utility for Windows

Besides the usual gamma differences and Windows graphics acceleration, gamma tags in QuickTime files can change appearance of files across platforms. There's more on this in a previous post, Quicktime Gamma Stripper.

Frantic Films Software "created a small tool that strips the 'gama' tag out of offending quicktimes. It's a very simple tool which operates on all the file names and folders given to it."

QuicktimeGammaStripper utility (for Windows) disappeared in the last few months, but it popped up here; I'm not sure if or when the link expires.

Some websites directly copy postings (cf. here & Windows Live) and/or hide their sources, but at least some of them give something if only to keep viewers from leaving their site. In one case, The DV Show follows but at least posts the utility as QTGammaStripper.

1 comment:

sambo said...

We have a gamma tag stripper on www.fuelvfx.com under the software link, for ppc and win32.

It's free, unsupported and possibly buggy. If you use it, throw me an email to sambo at the same domain.