January 26, 2007

Wikipedia on Editing

Wikipedia has a good sections on editing, like Movie Making Manual-Scene Editing, the list of winner and nominees for the Academy Award for Film Editing, and this from Film Editing:

According to Walter Murch, when it comes to film editing, there are six main criteria for evaluating a cut or deciding where to cut. They are (in order of importance, most important first):

  • emotion — Does the cut reflect what the editor believes the audience should be feeling at that moment?
  • story — Does the cut advance the story?
  • rhythm — Does the cut occur "at a moment that is rhythmically interesting and 'right'"? (Murch, 18)
  • eye-trace — Does the cut pay respect to "the location and movement of the audience's focus of interest within the frame"? (Murch, 18)
  • two-dimensional place of the screen — Does the cut respect the 180 degree rule?
  • three-dimensional space of action — Is the cut true to the physical/spacial relationships within the diegesis?

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