January 18, 2007

AE related blogs

Here are the AE blogs I know -- are there more?

Prolost, by Stu Maschwitz (author of The DV Rebel's Guide) covers various aspects of Image Nerdery including AE, linear color, and AE project and preset giveaways.

General Specialist has tips, tricks and tutorials for visual effects, motion graphics, animation and other tinkerings.

Flowseeker is by Mark Christiansen, author of Adobe After Effects 7.0 Studio Techniques (a somewhat more advanced compositing-oriented book).

Motionworks has a blog, gallery, and a variety of tutorials.

Creative Workflow Hacks shares tips, scripts, links, and hacks; it's especially strong on AE and FCP XML.

AE Portal News has occasional news on After Effects and the world.

Toolfarm markets DV tools, but also has plug-in information, tutorials, and a variety of interesting features to draw you in.

Stephen Schleicher has a ton of informative available stuff from his Creative Mac and other pursuits.

Alan Shisko: Motion Graphics 'n Such is quite useful but
can go quiet for awhile.

AE Product manager Steve Kilisky's AE Blog has occasional good news.

Adobe DV specialist Bob Donlon's Blog has regular tutorials on the Production Studio.

Not much AE, but Product Manager John Nack on Adobe Photoshop has great stuff daily.

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