July 14, 2010

Realtime 3D stereoscopic editing in Premiere CS5

Below from AdoveTV, Dave Helmly walks you through a complete workflow for 3D stereoscopic editing in Premiere Pro CS5. In a little over an hour, Dave covers various rigs, 3D viewing options, realtime editing, and export. He also covers Neo3D, a new 64 bit CS5 plug-in from Cineform, and Active, Passive and Anaglyph viewing, as well how to play your videos on a consumer 3D TV.

[update: DAV's TechTable added a note promising more]

For other background see Stereoscopic 3D resources for After Effects, 3D, Cineform, and CS5, and [later] Adobe's resource summary for CS5 Stereoscopic 3D production.

Also, here's the 1st of the 7-part version on YouTube:

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