September 9, 2009

And a sabbatical

AE Portal News will be on sabbatical for several weeks. By now the usual suspects are well known, and it's quite a gang compared to when this blog began during Macworld 2005.

Essential news on After Effects can be found on the region of interest blog by Adobe's Todd Kopriva.

Much of AE news is about tutorials, and in addition to the links on the right, there are several resources that collect After Effects tutorials. Smashing Magazine collected its Best Tutorials For Cinematic Visual Effects and a collection claiming to be The Ultimate Motion Graphics Tutorials Round-Up. Almost all of the tutorials listed in the links above come from the usual AE sources. did 1001 Adobe After Effects Tutorials and 144 After Effects Plug-Ins. Regularly on the beat in this area is Topher Welsh, who posts roundups at VisualFxTuts, AE Tuts, and Video Hive.

1 comment:

Todd Kopriva said...

Enjoy your break, Rich. We'll all have a harder time keeping up with After Effects news and resources without your help.