September 8, 2009

Physics and Dynamics in Cinema 4D and Mograph

It seems if so many AE users are already into 3D apps, 3D won't get much attention from Adobe except maybe for Photoshop. As reported via Twitter 40% of After Effects users use Cinema 4D on a regular basis, 24% Maya, and 17% Autodesk Max -- while 24% use no 3D.

Following the recent update of Cinema 4D, Greyscale Gorilla gives us an Intro to Physics and Dynamics in Mograph 2. Unexpected and worth watching, via VideoHive, is Aixsponza’s No Keyframes movie demonstrating MoDynamics with Xpresso and C.O.F.F.E.E. It looks like The Death of the Keyframe – How expressions are making everything look the same has a flipside:

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