February 16, 2009

Water purifies art

PrepShootPost notes that with a down economy the New York City art world is going back to the drawing board and links to a NYT article, The Boom Is Over. Long Live the Art! Looks like many people will now have time for art.

Via Images to Live By is Bill Viola: ‘Ocean without a shore’, where Viola combines analog and high-def digital video of people passing through a water wall, akin to a wall of death. More on this can be found at Images to Live By; other work (and background) by Viola was at SFMOMA, which has interactive and video of all sorts archived.

Also using water to purify and reveal is reverse graffiti; The Huffington Post explained last October in Reverse Graffiti: Activist Art Extraordinaire:

"Reverse graffiti is form of street art that involves carving into the dirt and dust that surrounds us. Artists subtract from a surface in order to create a negative image within the positive, often quite dark layer of grime."

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