February 21, 2009

Coleman and Ebberts videos on expressions & Flash

The Motion Graphics Dream Team videos -- geared for Flash designers -- from the Adobe MAX conference a few months ago are on Adobe.TV and on Videospider.tv.

After Effects & Flash CS4
: Michael Coleman (fullscreen) shows techniques (Mocha, etc.) and shortcuts that can be used with After Effects CS4 and Flash CS4 Professional. 


Programmatic Animations in AE with Expressions & Scripting: Michael Coleman and Dan Ebberts (fullscreen) show tips and tricks with Scripting and Expressions in CS4. The parts on the video metadata pipeline were covered more full by Dan Ebberts in an article posted this week at Adobe, XMP metadata in Creative Suite 4 Production Premium.

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Anonymous said...

Expressions certainly do come in handy. Nice tutorial! I'm a student learning about Web Traffic. Please allow me to add a link to this comment. Please feel free to delete it a week from now. Thanks!