August 22, 2008

Blame it On Photoshop ...Videos are Next

Beet.TV has a video interview with Adobe consultant Hany Farid of Dartmouth College; see Blame it On Photoshop: Dartmouth Computer Scientist Finds Fake Photos...Videos are Next.

'Even the average layperson is using Photoshop..., and sales for Adobe Photoshop Elements rose 20 percent over the last year, the New York Times reported in a story Friday. ...Videos are still safe from mainstream tampering for the time being, however. "Doctored video is about where doctored photographs were ten years ago," Farid says. He is currently working on solutions to identify fake videos.'

For more see our Digital Tampering & Forensics, a profile on Farid on NOVA scienceNOW, and John Nack on Digital imaging goes to court.

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