February 22, 2008

EFF critical of Flash Video DRM

from Last 100:

"In a recent blog post, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Seth Schoen lays out a number of criticisms of Adobe’s push to introduce Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology into its Flash Video and accompanying Flash Media Server products. If DRM was to become commonplace for Flash Video (the dominant format for streaming video on the Web e.g. YouTube) then it would stifle competition and dramatically hinder the burgeoning “remix” culture that the Internet has spawned, argues Schoen."

Read more of EFF critical of Flash Video DRM at Last100. NewTeeVee also has coverage in EFF Stirs Fear of Flash DRM.

Update: it might be interesting to compare the Adobe and Apple approach; see for example, Apple patent hints at a future of podcasting mash-ups at Last 100.

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