February 23, 2008

Blu-ray Blues - 7,085 of them -1

The Fini blog has The Blu•ray Blues -- because the "first project licensing alone will cost $7,085. That's in addition to the actual costs of replication/duplication and packaging that we're already used to paying." AACS copy protection was optional on HD DVD but mandatory on Blu-Ray replication.

Also, "Apparently some Bluray players want to see a copy protection folder, even if it is empty and some authoring apps don't put those folders on their burns."

But wait, there's more... at Fini and at PC Magazine's Who Will Pay Next-Gen DVD License Fees?

Update: from ZDNet, "in the news today was some information about JavaFX and the Blu-ray specification. It turns out that the Profile 2.0 spec for Blu-ray adds a networking ability so you could start building things on the players creating an interesting living room development model. What makes it interesting for Sun is that JavaFX is part of the Blu-ray spec so if you get networking support and JavaFX support some creative Java types could go to town."

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