December 18, 2007

Free Combustion 2008 videos

The Street Productions has some free training videos as well as DVDs for Combustion 2008, compositing software from Autodesk. Back from what seemed the brink of death, Combustion is in many ways more powerful than After Effects -- it's as if Adobe had bought, upgraded, and integrated Commotion into AE (instead of Commotion languishing in a DVE engineer's cube at Pinnacle). Though the rendering engine and other features like nodes are enticing, I'm not sure it's worth more than a peak if you're invested in AE (check out the responses to the release on fxguide). Anway, here's the blurb from TSP:

"The tutorials cover all the new UI improvements and workflow such as being able to drag the size of the workspace panel and the control panels in the UI. Drag and drop operators from the workspace panel to a viewport to target that operator, playing back multiple viewports synchronized plus others. Then there is a tutorial on the new schematic improvements which I think anyone who uses the schematic a lot is going to love. ...these lessons are the exact same ones that are now shipping with my Combustion 2008 Complete DVD set"

Also, there's more video at the Combustion page at Autodesk.

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