March 21, 2007

Super, a free ffmpeg UI for Windows

NOTE: in 2013 Super installs malware no matter how you try to avoid it. It tales a very long time to get rid of it, so do yourself a favor and use FFMPEG X, Handbrake, MPEG Streamclip, or other.

On Windows ffmpeg front-ends are a jungle of limitations, and free tools are not as well-done as Mac apps ffmpeg OS X or iSquint, or VisualHub shareware.

I found that I did like Super by eRightSoft: it's freeware, full-featured with output for many devices and codecs, and you can batch. If you jump through the hoops to find the installer, it comes with codecs but you might want to install a codec pack with FFDSHOW like K-Lite or Gordian Knot for full compatibility and mad controls.

Note that there's a free version of ZoneAlarm if the Windows firewall doesn't make you feel safe, because this baby dials home on its own.

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