April 12, 2012

Vincent Brisebois of Fusion-io

(@NAB w/AE @sforde) from Siggraph 2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXMdBkhtfYs

There's more from Steve Forde about the NAB 2012 Post Production World Keynote in Steve, Rob, Vince and Me and from Vincent Brisebois in Curtains Up on the Fusion ioFX. And here's something on Fusion-io's extensive "RAM disk" (a workstation card not an SSD), which could complement AE's new cache system:

Update: see Fusion-io ioFX Targets VFX Artists, 3D Playback Tuned for Workstations, with a Lower Price Point at Studio Daily.

See also Intel’s SSD 910: Finally a PCIe SSD from Intel

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