April 20, 2006

After Effects 2 Flash keyframe converter

via Steve Kilisky's After Effects Blog and John Nack on Adobe

Drew Trujillo (dr. woohoo) has an After Effects 2 Flash transform keyframe converter he developed:

"The solution exists in two parts: 1) an After Effects script used to export the Transform Property keyframe data; and 2) After Effects 2 Flash-Transform Properties, which is a Flash Extension that allows you to easily import/parse/map keyframe data from the After Effects Transform Properties (Anchor Point, Position, Scale, Rotation and Opacity) to the properties of a MovieClip(s). You can download the After Effects script for free here, however, I strongly recommend purchasing After Effects 2 Flash-Transform Properties, here, strictly based on the amount of time, energy and money it would take you to create it on your own."

I'm the 'decider'...

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