May 19, 2009

Color memes and schemes

As study of the Steve Hullfish book The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction continues, more on info color keeps popping up.

Chris and Trish Meyer have sage advice in a new series on color; see On Color Theory at PVC.

Also, TUTS+ had a nice roundup in April of Color Tools, Resources and Tutorials for Photoshopers, and (via lisaorgler) Colour Lovers has all kinds of stuff (including British spelling quirks).

There's also a few newish color design websites with nice picker tools:

The Color Scheme Designer is an online color palette picker tool with some nice nooks and crannies. The latest version sports a new interface and engine with better color space conversions and previewing, an enhanced scheme creation system, and unique scheme IDs with a permanent URL of the scheme.

ColoRotate has an intuitive interface that lets you wander in 3D color space to uncover color relationships and choose a color palette that fits your needs.

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